Biosynthesis of glucose-D-13C6 from Hansenula polymorpha and methanol-13C

Biosynthesis of glucose-D-13C6 from Hansenula polymorphaand methanol-13C

Zhan-feng Liu,* Zheng Ren,Da-gang Xu, and Liang-jun Li

A simple and effective method for synthesis of glucose-D-13C6by fermentation using the methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha with 99%abundance methanol-13C is described. Using methanol-13Cas a sole source of carbon, H. polymorpha can accumulate large amounts of α,α-trehalose-13C12under unfavourable growth conditions; the trehalose can then be hydrolysed togive glucose-D-13C6 with 98.5% abundance 13C.

Keywords: glucose-D-13C6; biosynthesis;methanol-13C; trehalose-13C12